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The Marriage Matrix

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The Marriage Matrix

A Romance Novel by

Joan Esser Author

I write contemporary romance. My heroines struggle to overcome adversity and find their true potential. Introducing my first novel - The Marriage Matrix

Can a marriage-minded scientist be diverted from her goal by a handsome police detective who wants her body?  Treating her search for a husband as a research project, socially inept Dr. Wanda Walling creates a marriage matrix listing the qualities she wants in a husband.  All candidates will be evaluated by how many boxes are ticked off.  Then Wanda meets handsome police Detective Jack Pendleton, who excites and delights her but doesn't meet any of her requirements, and he has a phobia about marriage.  Jack is enthralled by Wanda and wants her any way he can get her.  Even though he is appalled that she is hubby hunting, he still wants to bed her.  Can he convince her to have a fling with him when he doesn't check off any boxes in the matrix?  Will Wanda be diverted from her goal by a sexy detective?

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